What If We Could Raise The Dead?

November 4, 2018


     The dead stay dead. It’s something that defines our whole world. We fear death, we prepare for it, we recover from it, we stave it off when we can. Almost everything that makes us human comes back to death, and how much we try to avoid it or inflict it upon those we feel we must. Everyone has their own opinion, too, we’re not all of the same mind about it. Depending on where you come from and what you were taught, you could have beliefs about life and death that are totally incongruous with your neighbor’s.


    Turn that all on its head; now the dead can come back whenever we want them to. Did that make your stomach lurch? Is it too huge a thing to even ponder? Yeah, we understand. All the same, we chase the rabbit as far as we can in this episode, imagining a world where death is just an inconvenience. It would be a stranger world than our own by orders of magnitude, and perhaps a much scarier one.

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