What If Pangea Still Existed?

November 4, 2018


     It was such a big deal when we started crossing the oceans that we called it the ‘age of sail’. I think that says a lot about how much the water keeps humanity separated. It’s different now, sure, with the rise of internet and long-distance communication making vast gulfs manageable. Still, whole cultures can spring up a dozen miles from one another, and be totally unlike each other. It’s no wonder the continents of the world, separated as they are by the sea, are so different. All that elbow-room makes for some varied populations.


    It would have been much different if we were all in the same place, don’t you think? Would you rather your neighbor lived down the street, or in the room next to yours? Could you cope with such proximity? Mankind would’ve had to if it weren’t for the drifting of the continents. If there was no drift, we’d be living in a world almost unrecognizable. The mind boggles trying to imagine what it might look like. Why not listen now and hear what we think?


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