What If The Fountain of Youth Had Been Discovered?

November 4, 2018


     Why did they call it the ‘new’ world when explorers landed in the Americas? Was it just because it was unlike their home? Or was it the possibilities it presented; what treasures, dangers, and miracles where hidden within the unexplored country? I think it was a little of both. Not only was it something strange and unknown, it was something potentially magical. It was a place where all the old legends might just be true, where anything could be real. It was the perfect place to find mankind’s most sought-after treasure: immortality.


   If there was a fountain of youth, a place where you could stop or even reverse the aging process, what would've it done to the world? It would have been the dream and the goal of every great nation on earth, and the unattainable fantasy of every common person. Could it have elevated humanity past its petty squabbles? Or would it just be a new source of power for the already powerful? It’s a staggering thought, and we’re thrilled to share with you our musings on the subject. Enjoy!

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