What If... A Wish Granting Genie Had Been Discovered?

May 28, 2019


    We all have things we wish for. Whether its more money, better health, or even world peace, we all desire the things we sometimes can’t have. But what if all the sudden we could have everything we desire? And how would everyones new found luck and wealth effect the world? In this episode, we look at a world that has discovered a Genie’s lamp. When having this conversation, we use Disney’s Aladdin as our guide to Genie rules and protocol…I know, super professional.


    So how would such an amazing discovery be dealt with? Is the country who discovered the lamp now the supreme power in the world? And what if the lamp traveled the world so everyone could get a turn? Would everyone's similar wish for obscene wealth topple the economy? We ask these questions and more as we ask, “What If A Genie’s Lamp Had Been Discovered?



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