What If....Super Powered Beings Actually Existed?

April 24, 2019


    Who hasn’t wished in their life for the ability to fly, be invisible, read minds, or have super strength? If you’ve never desired any of these powers, no doubt there's another power you have. Movies and comic books have made these type of abilities attractive for many years. How exciting the world would be if we could use our abilities to fight crime and make life great for ourselves, right?


     If you sit and tear down what a society with super powered individuals looks like, you see it probably wouldn’t be the fantasy we’d all like to believe. If people have yielded these powers since the dawn of man, what would our modern world look like? If individuals could kill everything in their vicinity with the snap of their fingers, would we still live in condensed cities? We look at these questions and more in this episode as we ask, “What If Super Powered Being Existed?”


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