What If...Picture and Video Had Never Existed?

March 26, 2019


    If you didn’t take a picture of it and upload that picture to facebook, twitter, instagram, and everything else, did it even really happen? Not in today’s world. We’re so driven by visual media that it’s consumed our thoughts in ways we can’t even count. Even that is probably an understatement. That’s why it’s so hard to imagine a world without these things; no photos, no screens, nothing. Our most important sense, no longer assailed by advertisement or pictures of your old high-school buddy’s new dog.


    So what’s left of the world when you take out the camera? People living for the moment? People constantly forgetting what the earth looks like? The possibilities are as weird as they are varied. We wrack our brains in this episode, wondering how humanity could cope with a pictureless world. What clever solutions would we find to problems of communication, record-keeping, and everything else? Why not listen now and see!




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