What If...People Could Breathe Underwater?

March 13, 2019


    The ocean; not just the majority of our planet’s surface, but the evolutionary cradle of all life. There’s something alluring about it, even with all its dangers. Everyone remembers days spend spent poolside in the summer, or their first trip to the beach. Some flat-out live for the sea, spending more time on a ship than on the shore.


    What is it that makes us feel so drawn to the water? Maybe it’s millennia of genetic memory, and some part of our DNA longs to return. Maybe it’s the depth, the vastness, or the mystery. Either way, it’s taken a lot of technology to get us as familiar with the ocean’s secrets as we are.


    Wouldn’t it be something if we didn’t need any special equipment to get there? If we could plumb the depths of the sea with our bodies alone? Plenty of creatures do it, even mammals, so why not us? We just didn’t develop that way, I suppose. We could’ve though, and what a strange and fascinating world that would make.


    Picture Underwater strip-malls, mining in the trenches, submerged homes and farms and towering buildings. Have a listen as we explore this idea, and ponder at a wetter, waterier human race. Can you imagine a world where humans can breathe underwater?


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