What If...We Share The World With Kaiju Monsters?

February 27, 2019


    We’ve been fascinated with monsters since cavemen first painted on walls. It makes sense if you think about our start; running from the things that want to eat us while we chase the things small enough to eat. We were born into a world of monsters, and it left an impression that lingers today. Our advancements have made us safe and secure, keeping the predatory world at bay, but what if nature rose up to match us?


    This episode we discuss a world where titanic, near-unstoppable monsters roam free. How could a society learn to adapt to their presence? How could civilization grow under their shadow? No doubt it would present problems we can hardly imagine, and equally fantastic solutions. Could we master them one day? Breed them? Utilize them? Or would we just wipe them out? All that, assuming they didn’t do the same to us first. Listen and hear our thoughts on a world where mankind is no longer king!

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