What If...People Could Fly?

February 13, 2019

    When our primordial ancestors hauled themselves up from the depths and clamored onto dry land, they probably looked up at the sky and sighed. We’re all about what we can’t have, and flying, though achievable through expensive and extreme measures, is still something we can’t manage on our own. Sure, you can skydive, or wing suit yourself through a canyon, or even take a little one-man helicopter to the grocery store, but it’s not quite the same as spreading your wings and soaring under your own power.

    How do you structure a world of unchecked flight? Who controls the traffic? Who has the right of way? It presents a lot of problems, but they all seem so small compared to the unbridled joy of taking wing. Don’t you wish you could? Hell, almost everyone does. This episode we explore the question of airborne humanity, and what our society would look like unbound from the ground.

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