What If...Nudity Was The Societal Norm?

January 29, 2019


    Clothing has always been, and always will be, one of the primary ways we as people identify who we are. It's unlikely you’ll see a well groomed person in a business suit and assume they’re homeless, or a person in ripped and tattered clothing and assume they are the CEO of a huge corporation. Our likes, statements, occupations, and attitudes and broadcasted to the world via the clothing we decide to wear on a daily basis. And lets not forget about the boost of confidence it gives.


    Now, imagine a world where clothing is stripped away…no pun intended…and being nude all the time is a regular occurrence. How do we as people broadcast who we are into the world? What about extreme cold, how would we keep warm? What path would our evolution have taken without the idea of clothing? We look at these questions and more this week as we ask,


”What If Public Nudity Was The Norm?”


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