What If...Fast Food Never Existed?

January 9, 2019


    At what point did fast food stop being fast, and just start being food? The service is still quick (on good days) and the experience (hopefully) convenient, but it’s not the last resort or infrequent treat that it used to be. Citing exactly zero sources, because we’re not exactly a scholarly program, I still feel confident saying fast-food consumption is on the rise. Who’s to blame? You could pin it on aggressive marketing or overworked parents. You could blame long hours, poor choices, and sedentary lifestyles. Is it any one of these things or an amalgam of them all?


   In this episode we ponder a world where fast-food isn’t even an option.


     Now here’s the real question: does that sentence fill you with dread, relief, or indifference? How would the world look without it, and how would you adapt? Is fast-food an integral part of your weekly diet, or is it just a quick’n’easy solution after working a double? It seems simple on the surface, but the deeper you go with this one, the stranger things seem to become. So join us, why don’t you, as we ask: What if fast food didn’t exist?


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