What If...Shrinking Technology Existed?

December 24, 2018


    We make our technology smaller, our houses bigger, and all the while space becomes more and more scarce. Do you ever wish you could shrink down all the junk in your basement? The car in your garage? Those boxes of clothes you really should donate but always forget to? How much easier would life be if we could reduce the size of everything we didn’t need (and many things we did)?


    Storage, living, leisure, and damn near everything else would be fundamentally changed if size was variable. Imagine keeping your bike in your briefcase, or a months worth of food in the drawer of your fridge. What would you do with all the space? Shrink yourself down beside them and you could live in a shoebox, happily, even. 


    The possibilities are almost endless, and the more we think about it, pretty awesome! Join us this episode as we explore a world of ever-changing size!


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