What If... We Could Control the Weather?

December 11, 2018

    It’s no wonder the ancient world saw signs in the weather. A brutal storm or enduring drought could only be a sign that the gods are upset, right? If the harvest is great, and the weather fair, well, we must be doing something right! It wasn’t a foolproof system, though. No matter how many festivals you hold or lambs you sacrifice, you can’t make it rain (or make it stop).


    Most of human civilization learned to work around this, and it’s kept us strong, clever, and prepared for sudden disaster, but not always happy.  Who hasn’t wanted to change the weather? Everyone’s seen a birthday or wedding ruined by a storm, or had their vacation grounded by sudden snow. If we had the means, we’d change the weather to suit not just our needs, but our moods.


    Would that be a good thing, though? Could we balance the good of the environment with our own self-interest? Frankly, we already know the answer to that question is ‘no’, but bear with me…


Could we handle the responsibility of controlling the weather?


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